Gentry Sherrill

Gentry Sherrill,Chief Operations Officer at Verady LLC. An internet and technology native (and 2011 Georgia Tech graduate), I take on challenges that are considered difficult or impossible.


My intellectual curiosity drives me to assemble deep knowledge in many disparate disciplines, and to cross-apply this knowledge to enhance my professional work and personal relationships. I built an agricultural commodities brokerage with a partner at 19; we subsequently used the firm to build contacts with industry giants Cargill, Archer Daniels, and Unilever, in addition to various financial and legal professionals in over 20 countries around the world. We negotiated and struck deals to gain the right to represent several Brazilian firms worldwide, and engaged in months-long $100MM+ negotiations with some of the world’s premier financial institutions to consummate transactions. I additionally have extensive expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, payment processing, and web development. After two great years at Virtual Premise, and another phenomenal 2 years with BitPay, I have joined Listen360, where I will be in charge of running the Client Operations group and building out the company’s internal business intelligence capabilities.