Masiah Reginald Middleton

Masiah is both the youngest member of the team, and one of the earliest members as well.

He traded bitcoin and bitcoin-denominated digital equity swaps through the original Veritaseum client 4 years ago at the age of 13 at the New York Bitcoin Center. Currently a graduating high school student at NY’s Brooklyn Technical High School, Masiah is responsible for customer support, bringing the team up to speed in aspects of the business they do not specialize in and brainstorming and creating user stories for new products.Masiah created valuation models for sports attire manufacturers, Android apps that melded aspects of eBay and Uber, and has taught himself solidity, java, fundamental analysis and forensic accounting, under the direct tutelage of his father - the CEO of Veritaseum and a renowned global macro investor and analyst. He is considered a wunderkind by upper management and to management’s knowledge, there is no other youth - worldwide - that has developed as advanced and understanding of the macro, technical and fundamental aspects of the blockchain business at such a young age.